Jogging equipment: What you need for running – ISPO

Jogging equipment: What you need for running – ISPO

The right shoes are considered the most important piece of equipment for the runner, but high investments are not necessary. As early as 2007, a study by Dundee University in Scotland revealed that the functionality of running shoes does not necessarily increase with the price. Some discount shoes were even superior to more expensive models in terms of cushioning.

Nevertheless, it can be worth spending a few euros more on suitable running shoes. On the one hand, the fit should be ideal and appropriate advice can only be obtained in a good specialty store. On the other hand, the appearance also plays a role, which can have its price. After all, we also pay for the brand image with all other goods, and in the rarest of cases it is a matter of pure quality gain.

The following brands are in particularly high demand:

  • Under Armour
  • Adidas
  • Asics
  • Brooks

Of course, the choice should also be made according to what budget is available or which shoe offers you the most comfort.